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Healing as evolving

Healing is a non-linear multidimensional process that involves clearing your mental, emotional, spiritual and physical bodies of various debris. Healing goes hand in hand with spiritual development or ‘awakening’ which progresses in levels. The more you heal, the more you feel > the more you sense. As your sensitivity increases, you will gain awareness to more subtle aspects of your being. You will discover that as you heal, these more subtle aspects of yourself also need healing - to undergo the same process of transmutation so you can keep evolving. Which happens in stages of clearing, which is just creating space for more consciousness to enter your multilayered body.

So we can think of healing as evolving. We can even go as far as to use these terms interchangeably. One cannot happen without the other.

We are in a process of integrating higher energetic frequencies into our planet and bodies. As these new energies enter our sphere, they bring up what needs to be cleared out. Another way: as your being makes contact with higher vibrational fields of energy, the parts of you that are of a lower vibration and therefore not a vibrational match to these upgraded fields will be brought to the surface for you to address. This can feel like deja-vu only this time - hopefully, with conscious awareness - you can choose to act differently and therefore end whatever cycle or behavioral pattern that has impeded your evolution. Sometimes this requires extra help. Especially when it needs to be processed through your body.

As a starseed who signed up for an enormous karmic load - mentally and physically - the first five years of my awakening was basically spent at various doctors, therapists and alternative healing clinics, trying to figure out what was wrong with me. Nothing was ‘wrong’ per se, I was just integrating higher frequencies into my being at an accelerated pace and was therefore being flooded with unresolved personal, ancestral and multidimensional traumas that required immediate attention. This process of awakening - thanks to these higher frequencies - will begin to be experienced by many of you at this time. Some of you will experience this emotionally more than physically or vice versa. So I want to share some modalities that have helped me heal the multi-dimensional layers of myself.

Again, this process is non-linear but I will keep my list in chronological order for evolutionary context. I’ve returned to much of what’s listed below, over and over again. Or in many cases, ie: yoga, fully integrated it into my daily life.


Residing in your body

Our culture is trained to dwell only in our mind, leaving half of our selves out of our lives. If you are going to transcend your current limitations of consciousness and wellbeing, your WHOLE SELF has to be involved. Yoga is an incredible way to start integrating ALL of you into your life. Yin in particular was transformational in gaining access to and working through huge stores of emotional residue stored in my physical body, (ie: left hip).